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Re: Safer package installation


	May I remind people that Debian does not depend on any
 de-install scripts written by package developers, which could have
 bugs and throw the whole system into chaos (which is just one of the
 reasons behind the desire to have a secure package installation).

	So, deinstallation on Debian is already a snap. (Or in any
 case, no worse than the remove symlinks method would be. May I point
 out that the simplistic find /remove process is itself a security
 loophole; but doubtless an actual implementation could try taking
 care of that.)

	IMHO, dpkg provides most of the security functionality that
 the "install under /opt and then symlinc into normal areas" would.

	What do we really gain? You are in effect asking us to change
 the core of what is our package management system; you have to
 demonstrate your method is actually more secure than dpkg (I admit,
 the current default of having --force turned on is bad, but the
 default can be changed).

	You don't yet have a prima faecie case

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