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Re: Safer package installation

I see a couple of problems:

>From a users perspective the clourisation option for ls will be close to
useless, as almost everything under /usr will be pale blue. I think that
ls will have to be modified to set the colour based on the links source
- but then how do you identify the symlinks that you want to be blue?
Yes, the -F option will still have an @ for symlinks, but is this how ls
picks it's colours? I leave this to my betters to consider.

The other one may be just a problem due to my personal laziness. I like
to take some binaries, mv then to old_name.dist, chmod then to 750 and
put a little script undr the old name explaining why users can't use
binaries they expect to be useable (a slightly fascist approach, but at
least I'm polite enough to let them know why!). I assume that the
/usr/packages/* would be meant to be modified by dpkg and the install
scripts, and not by me (so as to not break too much!). Symlinks inherit
the permissions of the source, so I either have to break the link ihn
such a way as to find it again, or modify the permissions in
/usr/packages/*, or dpkg has to know a way to deal with this scenario so
that my heavy-handed approach is reversible.

For example, until the INN thing is fixed, all the newsreaders on my
machine are disabled, and a script displays an explanation why to my
users. I'll undo this once the /bin/sed thing is fixed.

I understand the security/certification issue, but it somehow reminds me
of when I used Slackware - "You are in a maze of twisty little symlinks,
all alike".

John Foster.

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