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Re: Rocket Port ISA card and LINUX

   Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:17:21 -0500
   From: Lauralyn Gorham <lauralyng@comtrol.com>

   It is a customer of a coworker of mine from the UK. I'm in the US, so I
   don't know when I can get an answer to which version of libc he has.  I do
   know he has the kernal revision 2.0.21. To be honest, I don't know if the
   customer has Debian, but I do. I was hoping by installing Debian 2.0.3,
   that I could duplicate his problem or at least investigate it a little. But
   I'm beginning to realize even more how different the distributions are.

It's not so much that the distributions are different (everyone puts the
include files in /usr/include and the kernel files in /usr/src/linux).  

The trouble comes when users don't install all of the packages, for what
they might consider to be good and proper reasons (why do they need
kernel sources, etc.).  At this point, it's a question of what the right
packages are to install, and there the various distributions seriously
part company.

The good news is that this is basically an install issue, and once we
get through these install issues will hopefully be the end of most of
the users' problems.

						- Ted

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