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Re: shadow question


On 02-Apr-97 Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Shand <larry@earthlight.co.nz> writes:
>    >> when you say doesn't work, do you mean it appears a normal
>    >> login is about to occur, the server flashes, and then the
>    >> console login reloads?
>    >> 
>    >> i've seen that and yes its a permission issue.
>    Adam> Yep that's what happens... if I put in the wrong password it
>    Adam> comes up with "Login incorrect" as it should but if I put in
>    Adam> the right passwd it all but logs in and then goes back to
>    Adam> the xdm login window...  I can login via telnet or virtual
>    Adam> console so I doubt it's shadow... (though installing shadow
>    Adam> does appear to be what broke it...).  I'm using afterstep
>    Adam> pre4 if it matters.
> I had that happen too; what it turned out to be was that in my
>~/.xsession script, everything got backgrounded, and when the script
>ends, so does the X session.  You have to background everything but
>the last program, which keeps the session open until you close it.
> For that, you can use the Window Manager, or something like
>'unclutter' or 'xautolock'.

I take it you're having trouble with xdm.  Try looking in the /var/log/xdm-error
s file for the problem.  If there's no change in that file after a failed attemp
t then you'll know the problem resids with the operations that take place after 
xdm makes the hand-off.  Which should be in ~/.xsession-errors IF it gets past x
init, meaning it is in the window manager.  If there is nothing in either file a
fter the failure the problem will, more than likely, be in the xinit config some

If it was a problem with shadow passwd, at least my experience with the shadow, 
the xdm will just show invalid login msgs.  It sounds to me like you might have 
made some change in xf86config, like defining a mode without definitions.  Somet
hing like that.  That's when I've seen the same thing.  Defining bpp 16 without 
having mode def's in the file to match.  The svga server fails to start and kick
s me back to xdm.  Or if the window manager tries to access a needed file during
 init and fails, the same thing happened.

I have afterstep 1.0pre-6 and have no problems.  Not using shadow either.  But I
 don't recall running across any part of afterstep that needs to read the passwd
 file.  Maybe xterm can't modify /var/log/utmp with the shadowing?  Do you run a
n xterm during init?  Try changing steprc init functions so that nothing starts 
at statup time.

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