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Re: Question on install

Alexander Koch wrote:
> Quoting Paul Wade (paulwade@greenbush.com):
> [...]
> > > My problem is that I take the resc1440.bin and write it to disc (with dd)
> > > and when it comes to boot it just does nothing and the mbr of /dev/sda
> > > (lilo) is taken.
> >
> > Is the floppy drive trying to read at boot? Make sure your system bios is
> > set up for proper boot order A:,C: and not C:,A:
> >
> > If that doesn't solve it, see if your system will boot anything from a
> > floppy (like dos).
> There IS the correct boot order in the BIOS, the disks is read for a short
> time and then it goes over to the harddiscs.
> And, yes, an old M$ DOS disks boots the system properly.
> *sigh* I'm gonna try out Rawrite...
Also, you'll want to make sure you are using the 1997-04-04 images.  The
1997-03-?? are broke.

I'd hate to see you get the boot going and then fail at a known point

Enjoy -- Greg.
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