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Re: The ultimate fate of Debian

> I know that there is great debate over the future of the various Linux
> distributions.  Now I am seriously concerned for the future of Debian.
> As we all know (or at least those of us up-to-date with the current news of the
> US), a group of computer-literate people just killed themselves so that they
> could 'hop' (an interesting combination of the name of the comet) on Hale-Bopp
> (or at least on a spaceship associated with it). 
> Now, the leader of this group was/is (depending upon your beliefs) a man who at
> one time called himself 'Bo'.
> Hopefully you can see my concern for Debian.  It must not be a coincidence that
> the next release of Debian bears this name...that it will be release just as
> Hale-Bopp hurtles away from the inner solar system.  I solemly hope that, with
> the release of bo, the entire Debian developers team does not use the same
> cosmic 'hlt' instruction!

This is all totaly irrelevant, as we all know that comets signal the
end of the world anyway (whenever a commet is predicted, the papers are
always full of "end of world stories"). Add to that that yesterday
was April 1, and I'm sure you'll agree that the world is going to
end April 30 (and that Bo, teleported to the comet, will rule Hale-Bopp).

joost witteveen     joostje@debian.org
I came, I saw, ..., well, it wasn't free so I left again. (LUA, 1988)

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