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routing setup question

Hi there,

  I've got a problem setting up routing for two linux boxes connected to
the Internet.

The setup used to be like this:

	ISP		My systems

	lisa.thenet.ch	icemark.thenet.ch	firefranc

  My systems are connected to each other using a fast ethernet link (3com
  3c905TX cards), one of the two systems (icemark) is connected to the 
  Internet via a ppp link. In that setup, firefranc can't access the 
  Internet itself, but only by using proxy services on icemark.

The new setup should look like:

	ISP		My systems

	lisa.thenet.ch	icemark.thenet.ch	firefranc.thenet.ch
                 <--- ppp0 --->          <--- eth0 --->

  The firefranc should get a full link onto the Internet, but how do I
  have to set up the routing to make this work?

  I tried binding both ppp0 & eth0 on icemark to the same IP address and 
  setting icemark's default route to lisa and setting a host route to
  firefranc. firefranc got a default route to icemark.

  The result is, that firefranc can access icemark and vice versa, and
  icemark can access the Internet and vice versa. But I can't get
  firefranc to get through to the Internet (also giving icemark as the
  gateway for firefranc's default route didn't help).

I am not too knowledgable in IP routing, so I guess the mistake a made is
probably pretty stupid - nevertheless, I'd like to know what's wrong and 
how to fix it...

Any ideas?


 Benedikt Eric Heinen  -  Muehlemattstrasse 53  -  CH3007 Bern  -   SWITZERLAND
                          email: beh@icemark.thenet.ch

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