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TkInfo versus Emacs/Info [was Re: Problems working with bash.]

I thought it worthwhile to send this again with a Subject that might
attract the attention of more people.

> > >     >> Open up your info reader;
> > >     Gertjan>   Don't get me started on info!
> > >  Why not?  Elucidate.
> > I think info sucks. It is obsoleted by html. Clear enough?
> Same story here. The gnu info browser is too obscure, if you're
> not an emacs user; you shouldn't need to do a tutorial to use
> something as simple as a hypertext browser; lynx is far more
> obvious to use, and has (TTBOMK) the same functionality ..
> (although obviously for html vs info nodes.)

Please try tkinfo 1.3 in the unstable /doc/ directory or get it from
the tkinfo web page http://www.math.ucsb.edu/~boldt/tkinfo/.
It's _much_ better than using emacs, and I'm a huge emacs fan.


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