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Re: A Qt alternative for KDE?

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Someone suggested that if we cloned Qt, we should do it using the Lesstif
> widget set rather than the one that Qt is presently using, and this might
> be an improvement on the present Qt.

I've tested parts of KDE and it looks a lot better than any Motif product
I've ever seen.  (this from someone who has been a huge fan of the Motif
interface for a long time)  It's a lot better looking than say.. the CDE.

> There is GnuSTEP, too. If there wasn't, I think we'd have more interest in
> a really-free Qt.

I expect a 1.0 release of GNUstep to take about the same amount of time to
appear as the Hurd takes to reach 1.0.

I really don't think people are looking for a whole new language and such.
A consistent user interface is what they're really interesteed in. :)


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