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Problem with Netscape making zombies!

Hello Debian Users List!,

	I seem to be having problems with Netscape 3.01 spawning zombie
'netstat' processes, and thus hanging.  I was wondering if anybody knows a
fix for this.  The only cause I can think of for this is that the Netscape
coders forgot to do a 'wait' in the parent process.  If thats the
case, then there's nothing I can do.

	However, I don't recall this problem ever occuring before with
other distributions.  So perhaps it's something else besides sloppy
coding?  And also, I can sometimes get netscape to start.  So this sort of
alludes to the idea that it's not Netscape's fault but something else.

	Thanks in advance for any help on this!

Arcadio Alivio Sincero, Jr. a.k.a. The Tick
Undergraduate Computer Science Major/Linux Enthusiast/Competitive Bodybuilder
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