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wireless connection; cheapest solution? Would Debian tell a fib? wtmp and utmp wtmp problem X questions X related questions X-Windows x-windows manager xautolock xbase_3.2-1.1.deb xbigfoot message seen on debian-user xbuffy 3.3 xconsole XConsole V scroll xconsole: "Couldn't open console" Re: Xdm Problem xdm? xemacs and emacs xemacs color syntax XFree Re: XFree 3.2A package? XFree86 Mouse problem on PS2 mouse. xlock and shadow passwords xntp mystery solved: POSIX timezone brain damage xntp weirdness: system clock gets set 20 seconds slow xplaycd & cddb Xresources Xresources (2) xscreensaver and Motif... xserver_s3v Xwindows manager Yamaha CR102 year-2000 testing zmailer The last update was on 02:11 GMT Sun Jun 16. There are 2096 messages. Page 5 of 5.

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