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shell problem after bo upgrade

Help needed.  After upgrading today to bo's base and devel (and a few
others), I'm receiving the following message:

sh: -c:line 1:missing closing ')' for arithmetic expression
sh: -c:line 1:syntax error near unexpected token ';'
sh: -c:line 1:'((gv /tmp/MO233499B410060202.ps); rm /tmp/MO233499B410060202.ps )&'

when I try to view a PostScript file under Netscape.  For a long time
I have had 'gv %s' set up as a Helper under Netscape, with no
problems; clearly gv is being invoked, but is failing.  What's
happening?  Any pointers greatly appreciated.  (Please "CC:" me
directly if possible.)


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