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Re: QPOPPER Will Not Work

In article <3360197f.44850281@mail.ipass.net>,
Don Brady <dbrady@pobox.com> wrote:
> Well I spent most of the evening trying to get qpopper to work.   (The
>current package).
> First it complains that it cannot write to /var/spool/pop.
> So I make var/spool/pop writeable by all (hardly seems desirable).
> Then it complains that the password is wrong. Or that the lock file is
>still there.   In fact everytime it leaves var/spool/pop/dbrady.pop there
>and I have to delete it manually to try again  - even when it claims the
>problem was the password.

It sounds like qpopper is not running as root (it should). What
is the exact line from /etc/inetd.conf that calls qpopper ?

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