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Re: Windows for Worgroups

In your email to me, MR DAVID C STEIN, you wrote:
> What do I need to do to Linux so that I can go to File Manager on a 
> Windows for Workgroups network and have it recognize that there is 
> another computer on the network to connect to?
> I can get the two computers to talk to each other with both under 
> Windows for work groups.
> I have the ethernet card driver installed for Linux
> I believe I loaded support for Windows for Worgroups when I compiled 
> the Linux Kernal.
> But when I go to access the files on the Linux machine Windows for 
> Workgroups doesn't see that there's
> another computer (or filesystem) connected to the network.????
> I tried looking for the Windows for Workgroups Mini How To but 
> couldn't find one that excactly addressed WFW and Linux.  

Install the Samba package on your linux box. You also need the
tcpip drivers from MS (they are free) for all this to work.


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