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Re: Unidentified subject!

> The other day I was using dselect, and when I was installing some of the
> packages, I was getting read errors on the drive.  What could I do about 
> this?  Is there something LIKE  Disk Doctor for linux?  
> 						joe

You want to use fsck, from the e2fsprogs package.

Switch to single user mode by typing (as root):  init 1

Then run fsck.  For example:  # fsck /dev/hda1

If you get lots of errors, you may want to run it
using the -y option so you don't have to hit 'y'
all of the time.

You can also use the -b option to scan for bad blocks
on you hard drive.

Yesterday, my hard drive had some very serious problems,
and I found that the fsck in e2fstools_1.06 didn't work --
but I upgraded to e2fstools_1.07 (in experimental), and that
did the trick.


 - Jim

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