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Re[2]: SB cfg problem - need docs

     Sorry to bother everyone with this issue. The simple answer is that 
     http://www.creativelabs.com/wwwnew/tech/spec/specs.html did actually 
     have a rather nice configuration sheet for this card. Pictures and 
     everything. I guess I just didn't think that they would have gone 
     through this effort. Nicely done...
        My next adventure will be to visit the adaptec site, and hope that 
     they have a similar configuration page available.
     Thanx for everyone's input.

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Subject: Re: SB cfg problem - need docs
Author:  luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk (Luis Francisco Gonzalez) at INTERNET-PUB
Date:    4/8/97 10:18 PM

>      Hello all...
>         I recently acquired a Sound Blaster 16 card for my debian box. I 
>      have seen the card working in a windows machine w/ an ide disk.
>         After plugging it in and powering up, the card obviously conflicts 
>      with the adaptec 1542c controller. The machine will not boot.
>         Unfortunately, the donor of the card has no configuration 
>      documentation for the SB16 and I need a little help.
>      Does anybody out there know of a site that contains information for 
>      the jumpers and configs for this SB16 card?
>      thanks in advance...
Try Creative Labs' web site: http://www.creativelabs.com/
Hope this helps,
Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk>
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