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Re: problem with pcmmdl20.deb!! incorrect dependencies?

Nico De Ranter wrote:

> Howdy,
> I'm trying to reinstall Debian on my Toshiba Portable using a mirror
> on one of
> our network servers. To do this I need PCMCIA facilities since my
> networkadaptor
> is a PCMCIA card. What I did is:
> * I first installed the base system using the regular set of disks I
> created.
> * rebooted the computer
> * I copied the pcmciacs.deb, pcmmdl20.deb, pcmsorc.deb and
> pcmmdl2z.deb packages
>   to a floppy and tried to install them using:
>    dpkg -i pcmciacs.deb
>    dpkg -i pcmmdl20.deb
>    dpkg -i pcmsorc.deb  (not really necessary I gues, but I did it
> anyway)
> THIS USED TO WORK, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work anymore?
> When I install
> the pcmmdl20.dev package, dpkg complains about a missing prerequisit
> kernel-image-2.0.27

Index of /pub/mirrors/debian/frozen/binary-i386/base

    Name                   Last modified     Size  Description

    kernel-image-2.0.27_2..20-Mar-97 05:51     1M
    kernel-image-2.0.29_4..26-Mar-97 23:13     1M
    kernel-image-2.0.30_2..22-Apr-97 05:00     2M

Now that is funny because I had the same problem, and I notice that it
is in the 'base' section of the ftp site of  bo/frozen/1.3, however it
was not installed by my base disks either, or at least the package was
not providing the dependency fufillment? a bug I suppose.

> although that's exactly the kernel that is installed.  I even tried
> copying the
> krnimg20.deb package and installing it but this does NOT make any
> difference.  dpkg
> keeps complaining that the package is missing.

I also noticed that it unpacked it but didn't install it as a result of
so I used dpkg --force-dependency pcmcia-modules-xxxxx.deb;
now it is installed anyway.  I guess you didn't do this because....

> When I reboot my computer the I get
> complaints from cardmgr about incorrect values in System.map (I
> don't remember the
> exact message, but it's the same message you get when you recompile
> the kernel and
> forget to recompile the modules).

now my problem was that everthing worked but ifconfig and route add were
not run automagicaly :(
can anybody help me?

> Any help would be greatly appreciated,

hope I helped you.

> thanks in advance,
> Nico.


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