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Re: What is the standard ethernet frame type?

On 9 Apr 1997, Chris Brown wrote:
>      I will be connecting several different types of systems to an 
> ethernet network that is currently running only Netware on ipx.  On 
> the Netware server and workstations it is necessary to specify the 
> Ethernet frame type.  IPX is running either Ethernet_802.2 or 
> Ethernet_803.2.  The Novel books say that the TCP/IP has to run on 
>      What is the standard type used?
>Like they say the wonderful 
> thing about standards is that there are so many to chose from.

   I love that line so i had to repeat it.

   I believe that the answer to your question is that most systems are
802.2. I have a client who is running Novell v3.11, which is an
"intermediate" version, and they need 802.3. But because i think that the
802.3 is "odd", that implies that 802.2 is "normal". 

   I hope this helps. Good luck.

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