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Re: Will the real vi please stand up?

> > I learned vi under SysVr3 and SysVr4 and didn't see much difference
> > under Slackware/elvis.   Vim does have some annoying differences but
> > I can't remember the specifics.  Emacs with viper-mode is pretty
> > faithful too. 
> Emacs emulating vi?  The only good thing about emacs is that it's easy
> to learn.  Emacs emulating vi is:
> 1. SLOWWWWWwwwwzzzz...
> 2. vi-like interface.
> 3. As far as i can remember, you must press ESC twice...

Emacs will handle many files that exceed limits in vi (line length,
file size, binary content, etc.).  I don't care for the finger-stretching
emacs commands, though, so I run viper-mode.  It has several degrees
of 'vi-ness'  and level 1 is almost identical.

Les Mikesell

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