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Re: Rocket Port ISA card and LINUX


I currently use the Rocketport here under 2.0.6 and 2.0.27

I just recompiled the V1.12 driver as I was using the 1.10 driver from way
The driver compiled OK but I DO have autoconf.h on the system. I have it

This is possibly because I have the full source installed for some
development work.

If it is of any help I can provide the compiled drivers from both 2.0.6 &
The 2.0.6 driver is currently in use (V1.10) with the basic Debian kernel.
I can also build the 1.12 driver with the stabdard kernel if you wish.

Hope this helps

>   Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 17:17:21 -0500
>   From: Lauralyn Gorham <lauralyng@comtrol.com>
>   It is a customer of a coworker of mine from the UK. I'm in the US, so
>   don't know when I can get an answer to which version of libc he has.  I
>   know he has the kernal revision 2.0.21. To be honest, I don't know if
>   customer has Debian, but I do. I was hoping by installing Debian
>   that I could duplicate his problem or at least investigate it a little.
>   I'm beginning to realize even more how different the distributions
>It's not so much that the distributions are different (everyone puts the
>include files in /usr/include and the kernel files in /usr/src/linux). 
>The trouble comes when users don't install all of the packages, for what
>they might consider to be good and proper reasons (why do they need
>kernel sources, etc.).  At this point, it's a question of what the right
>packages are to install, and there the various distributions seriously
>part company.
>The good news is that this is basically an install issue, and once we
>get through these install issues will hopefully be the end of most of
>the users' problems.
> - Ted
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TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS MAILING LIST: e-mail the word "unsubscribe" to
debian-user-request@lists.debian.org . 
Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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