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Re: shell problem after bo upgrade

"John M. Rulnick" <rulnick@beaver.wpi.edu> wrote:

>sh: -c:line 1:missing closing ')' for arithmetic expression
>sh: -c:line 1:syntax error near unexpected token ';'
>sh: -c:line 1:'((gv /tmp/MO233499B410060202.ps); rm /tmp/MO233499B410060202.ps ) &'

>when I try to view a PostScript file under Netscape.

I think this may be caused by a bug in the 2.0 version of the bash shell. I
seem to remember getting this error after upgrading to the 2.0??? version
of the bash shell, which involved a symlink to sh. I fixed it by going
back to bash version 1.14.7.

Good luck :-)

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