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Re: What is the standard ethernet frame type?

Chris Brown wrote:
>      I will be connecting several different types of systems to an
> ethernet network that is currently running only Netware on ipx.  On
> the Netware server and workstations it is necessary to specify the
> Ethernet frame type.  IPX is running either Ethernet_802.2 or
> Ethernet_803.2.  The Novel books say that the TCP/IP has to run on
> Ethernet_II or Ethernet_SNAP.  In reading the FAQs, HOWTOs and the
> Linux Network Administrator's book I don't recall any mention of
> specifying the frame type.
>      What is the standard type used?  Is there really a question in
> the UN*X world as to which standard to use?  It will also be
> necessary to setup and run a BSD box so that question will also have
> to be addressed but I figure that most of the world must be running
> on one of the particular standards.  Like they say the wonderful
> thing about standards is that there are so many to chose from.
>      Chris
The right frame type is what Novell calls Ethernet_II.  Ethernet_SNAP
is for Apple compatibility.  IPX has no problem running on Ethernet_II.  
As long as all the servers and workstations are configured to use it, 
there is no reason to run other frame types.

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