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Re: what umask?

Edward McKnight <emk@kindra-78.Eng.Sun.COM> writes:

> chmod uses these values to confir privelege so giving read-write to
> owner but total lockout to group & world is
> % chmod 600 file.foo

I also find it easier sometimes to use (recall) the symbolic options.
So you could also say:

  % chmod u=rw,g=,o= file.foo  # set user to rw
                               # group to none
                               # other to none
  % chmod a=,u=rw file.foo     # clear all, then set user to rw

Also, one other really nice thing I recently discovered was the "X"

  % chmod -R ug=rwX dir.foo

This one will recursively decend dir.foo setting read and write access
for user and group and will set the execute bit for both iff (if and
only if) the file/dir already has the execute bit set for some user.


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