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shadow question


Just recently I upgraded my home machine to shadow (with the debian
packages in experimental) to see what would be involved in swapping over
our servers, it went remarkably painlessly. :)

I have two main questions:

1. I was under the impression that daemons needed to be recompiled in order
to work with the shadow suite.  Yet after I installed shadow qpopper and
wuftpd (which aren't included in the shadow packages) still work fine.  I
assume this is normal but why does it work?  I thought that daemons had to
either work with shadow or with normal /etc/passwd but couldn't work with

2. I am running X on my machine.  After some initial confusing in not being
able to find the xdm-shadow package on ftp.debian.org I realised that it
had been included in the new version of xbase it all works fine.  The one
thing I can't figure out is that when I log into X (via xdm) as root it
works fine.  Yet if I try and log in as any other user it doesn't work.  I
assume that this is a permission problem somewhere?

Thanks for any help,


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