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Re: A Qt alternative for KDE?

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Douglas L Stewart wrote:

What do You think of a Wrapper Class Libary that makes it easy to write
code that runns on diferent widget sets? If it makes it posably to chose
real interface "runtime" it be real cool. One app, run it in KDE, xform,
MooTiff, Athena widget set, Tcl/tk, thin Java clients ... whatever. The
basic funktions (inputfield, menus etc) could also be available on
textterminals (thru curses, termcap, slang ...). That makes it a perfect
choice fore system tools...

Anyone intrested? We culd start out whit two platforms, (eg curses and
Tcl/Tk) and create the basic stuff.

I am intrested in this. I can set up a Webpage and manage a mailinglist
(not to big). This may have commersial intresst. AFAIK we can have it
GPL:ed and att the same time sell licenses for comersial use. Will limit
us some on witch library to use, they must be GLPL, not GPL...

> On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:
> > Someone suggested that if we cloned Qt, we should do it using the Lesstif
> > widget set rather than the one that Qt is presently using, and this might
> > be an improvement on the present Qt.
> I've tested parts of KDE and it looks a lot better than any Motif product
> I've ever seen.  (this from someone who has been a huge fan of the Motif
> interface for a long time)  It's a lot better looking than say.. the CDE.
> > There is GnuSTEP, too. If there wasn't, I think we'd have more interest in
> > a really-free Qt.
> I expect a 1.0 release of GNUstep to take about the same amount of time to
> appear as the Hurd takes to reach 1.0.
> I really don't think people are looking for a whole new language and such.
> A consistent user interface is what they're really interesteed in. :)
> -douglas

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