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On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> > The proble left is: The .deb uploaded can be generated by a source not
> > included in the source package. It would be great if gcc placed some kind
> > of signature in binaries...
> But how do you guarantee that someone doesn't pervert gcc?

 Hum.. you're right... I'd better not send this idea to the gcc people..

> > let's make all developers upload only the source versions of their
> > packages! An automated script can compile all the packages in some trusted
> > environment.
> When I last heard, we had some 240 (out of 900) packages not converted to
> the new source format. This gets in the way of automatic compilation.
> Volunteers to work on that are welcome.

 I don't say we would need to recompile all the .deb's... only the newly

 I've poste this to debian-devel, but noboy seeme to like it... and I
still think that it's something we MUST do...

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