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"Can't read superblock" booting 2.4.anything" Re: "Can't read superblock" booting 2.4.anything" **Fixed** /dev/cdrom is missing 2.4.6-benh and offb? 2.4.6benh dmasound on pismo 2.4.7, motorola powerstack, NCR825, SCSI timeouts... 6100/60 [ update about rs6k arch install report] [newbie] Setting up keyboard [OT] .NET (was: Re: JAVA on DebianPPC) [OT] Network file sharing [Q] where to get iso image of "extra" packages [RFC] Proposed transition plan for adb -> linux keycodes Re: [ Re: Bug#100579: kernel-image should not run quik on NewWorld PowerMacs] [ Re: Bug#100579: kernel-image should not run quik on NewWorld PowerMacs] [Yves <>] Re: new ibook (icebook) with debian ppc `where to get a usable video card' web page AbiWord font issues accelerated x on lombard powerbook g3 alsa awacs Power mac G4 Re: Altivec and G4 apm and pmud on newest benh kernels apologies audio CDs don't work under 2.4.7-pre6benh20010717 on TiBook Autodetected raid on PPC (root-raid) backdown JDK / XWindows basic mac os newbie questions Beige G3; Kernel 2.4.6; SUCESS (dropped network connection) benh 2.4.6 kernel benh kernel 2.4.6 + gpm BenH TiBook kernels @ Boot problems boot-floppies 3.0.7 for powermac Booting 2.2r3 on iBook2 Re: Bug#100657: sysdeps/powerpc/memset.S optimizations fail on power3 CPUs Bug#107054: Doesn't send data to lpr on powerpc! Re: Bug#107081: PowerPC: reuse same va_list more that once failed Bug#107278: kernel-package should not run lilo on PowerPC subarches Amiga, PReP, and MBX Re: burning bin1 hfs/iso hibrid from a macos system configuring X for Lime iMac (have tried many things...) Fwd: Re: Debian / RS6000 debian and nvidia card? Re: Debian and SGML: The Basics debian on icebook (it can be done) Debian on PPC IBM Type 6015 / Nobis Re: Debian Potato Installation Debian PPC Installation debian-2.2.19 kernel install debian: gnome is slower with testing distro debian: mozilla-0.9.1 not as good as mozilla-0.8.1 debian: Recommendation for scanner/printer/fax/copier dhcp-client segfaults on powerpc do modules work with 2.4.x kernels? double-quote, simple-quote and eval [Was: ybin and NetBSD] Re: dropped network connection Endless loop es keymaps advise needed evolution: current version available? EXT2 directory corrupted fbdevScreenInit: Unable to set screen parameters FEEDBACK WANTED: What to do about XF86Config-4 BusID? file/printer sharing Finally got a 2.4 kernel working! Re: fundamentally broken on powerpc G3 install G3 upgrade Cards Galeon History problem Getting PPP up with a Zyxel ISDN adapter Getting Sound to work gnome-config? gpm & X settings for titanium Hello, your friend recommended openxxx to you Help porting Hercules 2.12 to PowerPC Help with XFree86 V4.10 and Voodoo3 help: crash during apt-get install hotmail plaintext How the heck do I get my mouse to work? :-) How the heck do I pick what X-Server to run? how to make a 7220 boot with quik IBook Ibook iBook - Internal Modem iBook2 memmory amount incorrect Icebooks Internal AirPort card and AirPort base station not working j2sdkee JAVA on DebianPPC Kaffe for woody Kernel hangs during booting after fresh installation on G4 kernel oops in Debian's 2.4.4 + cdparanoia kernel package for ibook2 Keyboard update... libc6 is broken (still) Linux Keycodes linux on AS400 loading a compressed ramdisk image Re: looking for sponsor for gpmudmon-applet Lyx trouble Mac-on-Linux Magic SysRq on TiBook? Memory for iBook Memory Upgrade Modem problems Modem problems... MOL with stock potato? Re: MOL-MMU (WAS: Power Management) MS Wheel Mouse (optical USB) doesn't work Need help with #107054 New cvs snapshot of woody boot-floppies (supports basedebs.tgz) new ibook (icebook) with debian ppc new pmacs omfg Newbie hat vier Fragen not playing nicely nubus + debian nVidia support: Where to start? The last update was on 06:43 GMT Thu May 19. There are 847 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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