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Re: offset x screen

On Friday 13 July 2001  6:29 pm, Bruce McIntyre wrote:
> Hello all. I am the proud owner of a powermac 7300 (which uses the
> `control' video chipset). Using the  unstable x packages is very strange,
> as my entire screen is offset to the right. The part that would be missing
> is on the left of the screen. Depending on the resolution i set in the
> config file the offset is about 64, or 32 pixels. I have discovered a
> similar effect in fbi (the framebuffer image viewer.) but the offset here
> is usually in the other direction! To conserve my precious (16mb) memory, I
> have compiled my own 2.4 kernel with only control video suport. This might
> be a contributing factor. x under various flavors of 2.4 gives the same
> results. Has anyone else expirienced this problem?
> Once I have this problem fixed, evangelisation will be sooo much
> easier..... _grin_

I had the same problem.  Try running X at 15bpp.


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