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Re: Debian PPC Installation

Thanks for everyone's emails and responses on this. After I checked out the
http://www.penguinppc.org/ site per Evan's advice, I was able to understand
the differnce between the various bootloaders, and once I understood what
"open firmware" is, the installation documents
(http://www.debian.org/releases/potato/installguide/)  began to make alot
more sense.

Also, glad I asked you folks about the firewire booting before hand.
Luckily, the blue and white has an adeptec scsi card, and it looks like I
will be able to boot external drives off of this (maybe I'm wrong?)  I am
probably going to get a firewire cdr-w for the B&W, which I would primarily
be using under macOS, and I will definitely try to get it to work under
debian, and let you know what happens.

Samuel Rose

"Facts do not cease to exist
because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley

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> Hello Samuel!
> Ethan Benson schrieb:
> >
> > On Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 04:14:44PM -0500, samuel rose wrote:
> > > I've got two machines. One is a PPC 7500 with an internal 1 Gb drive,
> > > and an external 4 Gb scsi drive. I've also got a B&W G3 300mhz with a
> > > 6Gb internal drive.
> > >
> > > On the Blue and White, I was hoping to buy external firewire drives to
> > > boot from, while leaving mac OS 9.0 on the internal drive. Does Debian
> > > PPC support firewire drives? Will the machine boot from a firewire
> > > drive? IAnyone know where I can find some documentation on this?
> >
> > no, the Linux kernel does not support Apple's IEEE1394 hardware yet.
> > much less booting.  i don't think that the version of OpenFirwmare in
> > the blue G3s allows booting from firewire, ask apple for a firmware
> > update.
> AFAIK, no new-world Desktop-Mac with PCI-graphic (32bit 66MHz) supports
> booting from firewire. So it is impossible for any OS to boot from an
> external firewire-drive with every B&W G3 and G4 with PCI-graphic-card.
> (the mainboards of these computers are more or less the same). I think
> the hardware can do this, but as Ethan said, Apple has to update the
> firmware for this boards. Maybe if hell freezes they will do it ;-)
> > > On the PPC 7500, I would like to Install Debian on the 4Gb external
> > > drive, and BSD on the 1 Gb internal drive, and no macOS at all.  After
> > > reading through the installation manual quite a few times, I am
> > > that the easiest way to install Debian onto the external drive is to
> > > install a base macOS on a partition, and then install debian? I have
> >
> > use quik, it works on those machines you don't need macos.
> I´m running a 604/200 MP in a 7300 and at the moment I´m using miboot
> (faked systemfolder)
> Last time the 7300 crashed with a 2.4.2 SMP and since then I was not
> able to boot any more. The kernel jumps into debugger everytime I try to
> boot. This happend during comipile of a new 2.4.6 SMP kernel and a doing
> a copy of /usr/src/linux via nfs.
> Still had no time to try it again. :-(
> Bye,
> Christoph
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