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Re: benh 2.4.6 kernel

> > Also, does sleep work with older kernels ? (you have the proper hacks
> > to pmud scripts for sleep to work properly on core99) ?
> Apropos... are we including the latest/best/brightest of these scripts
> in Debian?

If someone tells me which version of the pmud pwrctl scripts is the
best/brightest for use with Core99 machines (and takes the blame for
deciding this), no problem.

AFAIK the airport unload hack is no longer required with 2.4 kernels
(what's with 2.2.19?). If Ben says 2.4 sleep support on Core99 is stable,
I'll just have to check the kernel version number and either shutdown or
sleep. If someone backports the Core99 sleep code to 2.2, the better.


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