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Re: Finally got a 2.4 kernel working!

>I finally got 2.4.6-pre8 from penguinppc.org (or wherever it is they
tell you 
>rsync from) to work on my machine. Funny thing, though, is that the console 
>is bright ugly green, until I get into X. So when I'm booting, it is green, 
>with other neon colors in the console that make it impossible to read 
>whatever text comes through telling you what's going on. I crashed at one 
>point (or X crashed, I think) because my mouse ceased to work and I got
a bit 
>of a console, but I couldn't read it, for the same reasons...
>Is the 2.4.6-pre8 kernel the same as benh's kernel or not? If not, where can 
>I rsync his kernel from? 

Could you remind me what are your machine and your video card ? And what
video drivers you enabled in your kernel .config ?


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