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Re: nVidia support: Where to start?

Tony Arnold wrote:

> > If I had to deal with this (I'm glad I don't) I'd start with the XFree86
> > nv driver because it offers more benefit (decent 2D acceleration, XVideo,
> > ...) .
> >
> That seems to be the attitude of most linux users to nVidia (I can
> understand why!), but somebody needs to step up to the plate - I don't know
> enough (yet) to make a big difference, but it'll be a menacing learning
> project *grin* (I'm a glutton for punishment)

Be warned that it might not be so much fun though. Hacking on undocumented
hardware is like (I'm not a native English speaker, someone please fill in a
horrible metaphor for me :). 

> There's enough people out there with AGP GeForce cards in their G4's that
> something really needs to happen...I was thinking the 'nv' driver as well -
> what real benefit do console drivers actually offer XFree86?

Now that you mention this: The XFree86 driver can use the framebuffer device
to handle modes and colormaps so you'd only have to fix the acceleration at
first. I suggest having a look at both and going for the one that looks

> Oooh :) Now I'm excited about learning! Everything else runs wonderfully on
> my DP G4, if I can get XFree86 running, I will be a happy person.

You'd be happier with a Radeon in it. ;)

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)    \   Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
CS student, Free Software enthusiast   \        XFree86 and DRI project member

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