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Re: Finally got a 2.4 kernel working!

> Well, I guess it's a problem with the S3 Trio driver, can you disable it
> in your config ?
> Ben.

Thanks for the help. I disabled that and something else after a second 
attempt. Then everything compiled fine. Except that I was running the 
2.4.6-pre8 kernel and X crashed on me again, but I somehow magically got it 
back by typing blindly (into the console that made its appearance at the top 
of the screen) "reboot" and "su" Then X uncrashed. I got my mouse back and 
was able to proceed like normal. 

Did I mention that I get a very bright neon green as my console, with 
heiroglyphic text in various neon colors when I boot? It happens right after 
the resolution changes just after I click the Linux button on BootX. I get a 
little bit of text, then the resolution changes, and so does the color. 

Meanwhile, I booted into the freshly compiled benh kernel, and then X crashed 
on me again, gave me that same unreadable console at the top of the screen, 
but my previous trick didn't work, and poof, I crashed hard. Complete lockup. 
I rebooted with the same kernel and foolish me... It was that unreadable 
console again, and fsck failed, but I couldn't blindly type which partition 
to check (because I didn't know) so I went back to 2.2.18...

Also, sound does not work. And when I went to check the console in another 
tty, X crashed on me again. I had to restart the X server...
More than that, the Floppy drive didn't improve for me when it came time to 
create that boot floppy for my x86 machine (aka doorstop). It just ran and 

Whew! That's alot of info...


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