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Re: benh kernel 2.4.6 + gpm

>I just finished to rsync and compile benh kernel for my pismo(thank's
>ben for your work) and I notice a problem wille using gpm, with my usb
>external 3
>buttons mouse
>as I spend a lot of time in console mode, I eavily use gpm.
>with 2.2.19 everything is OK
>with benh kernel, when I mouse select  something, all caracters turns as
>strange hierogliphs.
>and paste gives the same hierogliphs.

You probably have VGA console enabled. You should disable it and do a
clan rebuild of the kernel (backup your .config, make mrproper, restore
the .config and rebuild)

This is a known bug with the console code, I beleive someone will 
finally submit the proper patch :)

>furthermore, a single left click on the screen gives me a nice caracter
>representing a smilly face.

Same bug. The attribute/text bytes of the console buffer gets flipped
due to some endian crazyness.

>	what happens, I need 2.4.6 for sleep support and airport support

It should work if you don't enable support for VGA console. I'll see if
I can put my hand on a definitive fix and submit it.


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