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Re: /dev/cdrom is missing

Well, it's brand new audio CD's I've tried...maybe that's what's wrong? On 
the other hand, I tried to mount the cdrom without a disk in it...no good 

Thanks for the help.


On Tuesday 10 July 2001 21:41, Phil Frost wrote:
> Hrm...is there a disk in the drive? ;) It could be a bad disk, so try
> some others that you know to work. I'm also not sure what crazy things
> macs might do with cdroms, so maybe someone with a little more macknowledge
> could say something on this. Besides that, the line in fstab might be
> wrong, here's mine:
> /dev/cdrom	/cdrom	iso9660	defaults,ro,user,noauto	0	0
> If that doesn't work...hrm...get a new CD? heh... let's just hope it was
> a dirty disk ;)

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