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Re: 6100/60

6100's are nubus machines (pre PCI) and are not directly supported by
any distro.
If you want to run this machine go to
Supports Debian, YDL, LinuxPPC, and MkLinux. I beleive the 6100 is
one of the better supported machines.


Jesse Goerz said at Ò6100/60Ó.
[14/Jul/01Sat 09:58]

> I just got a part time job where I'm working with powerpc's at
> work.  We are
> currently running yellow dog linux on our servers.  I'd like to
> convert to
> debian but I'd like to try it out on a non critical machine first.
> Packed
> back in the closet they have a couple of powerpc 6100/60 computers
> with zip
> and cd-roms.
> Being a complete newbie to macintosh's I was wondering if I
> downloaded the
> debian-ppc distro how it would fair on these machines?  I don't
> have a clue
> as to what the hard drive or ram  is like yet (the system
> administrator says
> he thinks the hard drives are only 40MB but he's not sure, no
> documentation
> in sight).
> In addition, if you guys could point me to some FM so I can RT that
> would be
> great.  (we also have about 5 old Macs that only have floppy
> drives, if this
> turns out ok, maybe I can convince him to give them to me;-)  can
> you say
> cluster experiment;-)
> Anyway, any help or pointers you guys have would be great,
> especially with
> regard to the 6100/60s.
> Regards,
> Jesse
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