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Kernel hangs during booting after fresh installation on G4

Hi PowerPC people. I installed Debian (current unstable, downloading everything
over http, using a CD-RW burned from cvs boot-floppies from a few days ago)
recently on an Apple G4. After having some problems getting Open Firmware (as
opposed to Linux or MacOS) to see the non-Apple IDE hard drive on which I
wanted to install Linux, which were resolved only by physically moving hard
drives around in the computer and then reinstalling Debian, I am having still
other problems. The biggest one is that when I boot into Linux from my hard
drive, the system hangs after the last "kernel startup" message, which relates
to USB. I know it is the last message because when the same kernel starts up
from the CD, using the CD as the root partition, it is the last message to show
before the ramdisk is loaded and the installer starts. To verify that there
really was no difference in kernel, I booted off the cd's kernel, specifying my
installed root partition as the root partition to use, and the same problem
occurred. I also copied the CD's kernel to the hard drive and tried that kernel
there, with identical results (i.e., hang after the last message, the USB one).
By the way, the problem is IMHO probably not in the USB, because when I unplug
all my USB peripherals after the yaboot prompt, the kernel hangs, although I
do not get any USB messages. I also tried running off of the CD then chrooting
to my hard drive, but except for one fleeting and short-lived success, this
always resulted in "Illegal instruction" or "Segmentation fault".

Does anyone have any idea of what to do? Someone on #debianppc suggested asking
in #mklinux (this is on OpenProjects), where someone suggested that maybe init
wasn't being found, and they suggested running with 'quiet' to turn off
extraneous messages; this turned off all output entirely! I tried running with
init=/bin/sh, with no different results. I intend to try the verbose option
next, to gain more insight. Are there any other kernel options or other
techniques I should adopt?

Thanks in advance for all your help. This machine is being very very resistant,
and if I weren't honestly interested, I would have stopped long ago.

Jimmy Kaplowitz

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