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Re: debian on icebook (it can be done)

On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 04:59:08PM -0500, Charles Sebold wrote:
> On 18 Tammuz 5761, Noah John wrote:
> > check out this site.? it was posted on slashdot 7.9.01
> 1.  Didn't see a URL, so I guess we'll have to check Slashdot
>     ourselves.

He gave it in his next message a couple minutes later.

> 3.  Perhaps you could tell MSN Explorer or whatever evil email client
>     you use, to send your posts in plaintext?  I think a lot more
>     people on this list will read your posts if you do that, since I
>     don't believe HTML is acceptable on this list.  Thanks!

I don't believe hotmail will allow you to do this.

I really don't understand what the problem with html mail.  It was a
pain until I figured out how to get mutt to use links or lynx to
output it as text... but now everything is peachy.

If they send pictures you have Xwindows and a bunch of viewers...
executables are a pain, but you chose non-windows for a reason, right?

Actually, I think we should be sending rtf mail everywhere.  It's an
open standard, it hasn't been extended in a long time, and it has more
features than html.


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