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Re: benh 2.4.6 kernel

>failing again (as it does even with older kernels).  X11 sleep still
>works.  It seems like the problem is in aty128_sleep_notifier because
>this debug code you suggested:
>> - edit drivers/video/aty128fb.c, comment out the call to
>>   pmu_register_sleep_notifier() line 1907, and add
>>   a "return;" at the beginning of aty128fbcon_blank() (line 2279)
>>   so that the function does nothing.
>allows console sleep to work (not completely of course because the
>screen doesn't shut off).

The console sleep problem is related to some code in char/console.c
(the generic console code) that tries to access the screen after the
video driver was put to sleep.

I'll try to get this fixed asap.


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