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Re: debian: mozilla-0.9.1 not as good as mozilla-0.8.1

Thanks Paul. I hadn't installed the PSM. I have now installed it but unfortunately it still doesn't work. I just get a sreen saying please wait while downloading your account information.

Brendan Simon.

Paul D. Smith wrote:

%% Brendan J Simon <brendan.simon@bigpond.com> writes:

 bjs> I have manually installed versions of mozilla on my PowerPC
 bjs> laptop. Version 0.8.1 worked fine with my internet banking and
 bjs> other java web sites.  I was so pleased to see Mozilla-0.9.1 in
 bjs> the testing distribution and promptly did an upgrade.  I now can
 bjs> not access any of my banking.  I'm not sure if Mozilla-0.9.2 will
 bjs> fix this.  I hope so.

It sounds to me like you haven't installed the Mozilla PSM (Pesonal
Security Manager) module.

Try "apt-get install mozilla-psm"

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