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Re: 6100/60

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 06:58:34PM -0500, Jesse Goerz wrote:
> I just got a part time job where I'm working with powerpc's at work.  We are 
> currently running yellow dog linux on our servers.  I'd like to convert to 
> debian but I'd like to try it out on a non critical machine first.  Packed 
> back in the closet they have a couple of powerpc 6100/60 computers with zip 
> and cd-roms.  

You will have much more trouble using these systems with linux because
the kernel only supports pci based powerpc systems.  This model uses a
bus called NuBus.

There is an external patch for nubus, but it isn't supported by

There have been reports of success with these machines, but it is more

I have some nubus based laptops at work, and I'll be a future tester for the
nubus kernel, but not yet.


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