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Re: benh kernel 2.4.6 + gpm

On Mon, Jul 09, Eric Deveaud wrote:

> I just finished to rsync and compile benh kernel for my pismo(thank's
> ben for your work) and I notice a problem wille using gpm, with my usb external 3
> buttons mouse
> as I spend a lot of time in console mode, I eavily use gpm.
> with 2.2.19 everything is OK
> with benh kernel, when I mouse select  something, all caracters turns as
> strange hierogliphs.
> and paste gives the same hierogliphs.
> furthermore, a single left click on the screen gives me a nice caracter
> representing a smilly face.
> 	what happens, I need 2.4.6 for sleep support and airport support

Turn off, CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE, there are some unresolved endian issues.
You need it only for PReP machines.

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

       Main feature not yet implemented...

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