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Finally got a 2.4 kernel working!

Hello everyone,

I finally got 2.4.6-pre8 from penguinppc.org (or wherever it is they tell you 
rsync from) to work on my machine. Funny thing, though, is that the console 
is bright ugly green, until I get into X. So when I'm booting, it is green, 
with other neon colors in the console that make it impossible to read 
whatever text comes through telling you what's going on. I crashed at one 
point (or X crashed, I think) because my mouse ceased to work and I got a bit 
of a console, but I couldn't read it, for the same reasons...

Is the 2.4.6-pre8 kernel the same as benh's kernel or not? If not, where can 
I rsync his kernel from? 



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