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Re: new ibook (icebook) with debian ppc

> They've released the source for StarOffice/OpenOffice these days.
> a

There was a review of several office/productivity apps in Linux Weekly News'
"On The Desktop" section last week, (not the just-now Thursday, but the one

You can probably do alright by using 
	apt-get -b source <packagename>

...as long as the source of the given app was good to go for the PPC platform.

I don't, however, have direct experience with Debian/PPC, only a lot with 
"i386" aka intel-clones, and 1 sparc.  The sparc wasn't meant to be an end
user type box *and* it wasn't a laptop :> so that's not useful for this 
question anyway.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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