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Re: Getting Sound to work

Russell Hires <rhires@earthlink.net> writes:

> I've got two problems with sound, actually. The first one is a
> mystery. I'm running KDE, and I've got sound support in the kernel
> enabled. I read a message in a previous post, from about 3-6 months
> ago, that talked about KDE not having a working sound server for
> debian-powerpc. Is that still true?  It's a mystery because the
> System Bell works in the K -> Preferences -> Sound panel.

Hm, if you mean the little "ding" sound, I'm pretty sure that's not
performed by the sound card.

> When I perform echo a random sound to /dev/audio, I hear just the
> barest of clicking noises....I tried to use xmms, but it tells me
> that it can't open audio.

Does the user you are running as have permissions to access /dev/dsp?
The best way to do this is to add your user to group "audio".  Also,
the OSS sound output plugin in XMMS is broken for me (see bug #96251).
But using "ogg123 -d oss foo.ogg" works fine, so it's definitely an
XMMS bug.  The workaround I'm using with XMMS is to use the esound
output plugin.  If you're using KDE, this might not be an option; I
don't know.

> Part II Just for fun, I wanted to see if I could play a CD. But, for
> some reason, I'm unable to mount my CD player. mount /dev/cdrom
> gives me the message: mount: special device /dev/cdrom does not
> exist. What can I do about that?

Well, I don't think mounting an audio CD would be very useful.  Does
the cd-playing plugin from XMMS work?

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