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Re: Getting PPP up with a Zyxel ISDN adapter

>>>>> "Knut" == Knut S Åbjørsbråten <djmac@online.no> writes:

    Knut> I'm giving Debian on PPC my first go, as my PC's
    Knut> power-supply unit started giving out smoke yesterday, and I
    Knut> have work I need to get done that requiers Linux.

    Knut> I've got a base2.2 install, and need to get the rest of the
    Knut> system via FTP, but my ISDN adapter refuses to cooporate, or
    Knut> maybe the software does.

    Knut> Using either 'pon Telenor' or 'pppd call Telenor' ("Telenor"
    Knut> is defined using pppconfig), the modem lights up DTR, DSR,
    Knut> RTS, CTS as usual, but does not call the ISP.  I can manualy
    Knut> send an ATDT command using echo > /dev/ttyS0, but chat/pppd
    Knut> does not seem to manage the same...

Whats in the logs (daemon.log or ppp.log, I'm not sure which) ?


Adrian Phillips

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