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FEEDBACK WANTED: What to do about XF86Config-4 BusID?

I got a head on my G3 tonight and ate some of my own dog food as far as the
X server goes.

Linux redwald 2.2.18pre21 #1 Mon Nov 20 21:18:03 EST 2000 ppc unknown
xserver-xfree86 4.1.0-0pre1v5

It has a Rage 128 RE.  A BusID was mandatory, and my debconf questions
don't handle that yet.  Having UseFBDev on or off seemed to be harmless
either way.

The keyboard was no problem since I answered "macintosh_old" to the
keyboard question.  No problems with a cordless Logitech WheelMouse,

Basically, the server worked to my satisfaction (though I did not test DRI)
except for this BusID business, and I wanted to solicit opinions on what to
do about it.

It looks like the best thing I can do is:

1) add a BusID question to the templates
2) add the following logic to the .config script:
     (this is psuedocode, don't sweat the syntax, please)

if arch == powerpc:
	FOO=$(lspci | grep VGA)
	switch (wc -l $FOO)
		case 0: probably bail since we can't find a video card
		case 1: cut the bus:slot.func parts out and convert each of
			them to decimal, then auto-answer the BusID
			question with this info
		case >1: actually ask the question, making the user specify
			 BusID manually

3) dexconf would then write out the value of the BusID template if and only
   if the architecture is powerpc.

Comments?  Suggestions?

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