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Re: benh 2.4.6 kernel

> >AFAIK the airport unload hack is no longer required with 2.4 kernels
> >(what's with 2.2.19?). If Ben says 2.4 sleep support on Core99 is stable,
> >I'll just have to check the kernel version number and either shutdown or
> >sleep. If someone backports the Core99 sleep code to 2.2, the better.
> 2.2.19 don't have an up-do-date airport driver. Sleep support on
> core99 appear to be stable with my tree and with bk _2_4_devel tree
> if you don't enable the thermal management. You need my tree's APM
> emulation if you plan to use DRI, or X may lockup when going to sleep.

So what's Debian going to ship with on PowerPC? If it's 2.2.19 I'd say
some serious effort needs to be put into backporting some core features.
But without a machine to test this on I'll not gonna touch this. 
> Note that pmud should also detect the new /proc/pmu and use battery
> infos from here instead of polling the PMU. Don't implement that immediately
> as I may still change the format of /proc/pmu in the upcoming days, it
> will be stable once pushed to bk _2_4_devel.

I'll leave the heavy lifting to Stephan. 
> Porting to 2.2 may be a bit tricky as a lot of code is involved in the
> sleep process (a lot of drivers are affected).

Any new drivers as compared to 2.2? The threaded wakeup might not be
necessary (did we find a way to fix pmud's trackpad restore BTW?) and
there was basic sleep support in 2.2.x :-)


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