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Re: debian: mozilla-0.9.1 not as good as mozilla-0.8.1

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Brendan J Simon wrote:

> Hi,
> I have manually installed versions of mozilla on my PowerPC laptop. 
>  Version 0.8.1 worked fine with my internet banking and other java web 
> sites.  I was so pleased to see Mozilla-0.9.1 in the testing 
> distribution and promptly did an upgrade.  I now can not access any of 
> my banking.  I'm not sure if Mozilla-0.9.2 will fix this.  I hope so.
> Any idea when Mozilla-0.9.2 or fixes to Mozilla-0.9.1 will be available 
> in testing or unstable ???

Strange that you are having these problems, I have had very good luck
using Mozilla-0.9.1 with sites requiring https, such as my bank and paypal
and sourceforge.

I'm using Debian testing, with a BenH 2.4.5pre3 kernel.

> Any ideas on how to get java stuff working properly with the existing 
> Mozilla-0.9.1 ???

Very easy.  Just installed the Blackdown Java 1.3 JDK, and create a link
to $JDK/jre/plugin/ppc/javaplugin.so from /usr/lib/mozilla-0.9.1/plugins

Next time you fire up Mozilla, java will work.  I've had a few problems
with Java in Moizlla, but overall its worked really well...


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