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RE: configuring X for Lime iMac (have tried many things...)

I really wish my stupid imac was on the internet (and with me at work:P).

currently...can't get the keyboard correctly mapped or the mouse to be
recognized at all. i have a 266mhz LIME iMac with 97 keys on the >keyboard
(not including the power button.) i have a 1-button (*frown*) round >iMac mouse. i will look around for the correct configuration >elsewhere, but any direction is most appreciated!

1 q: are you trying to set the mouse up as usb? I couldn't get mine to work that way.. You need to set it as a ps/2 protocol, in the xconfig file. there might be something else you have to do...

i would help (try to anyway) with the keyboard, but as i said i don't have the config file.


ps: is there a way to set up my stupid mouse to emulate at least 2 buttons? i'm perfectly willing to use some key-click combo... this is the main reason i don't use linux more than macos, so any help would be much apprec..
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